Open Floor Plan Homes- Should your new home be open floor plan? An Honest Review

October 20, 2021

Open floor plan living in all the rage. Is it for you? Here's what Daniel thought of his open floor plan home.

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The future of the kitchen – is the oversized white/grey kitchen a thing of the past?

October 11, 2021

Is the oversized white and grey kitchen as the focal point in the open floor plan going to be a thing of the past?

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Selling Your Home – When is the best time to sell and how to know if you are ready?

October 4, 2021

You can sell your home at any time but when is best to get the highest price for your humble abode?

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How to Sell Your Home For Sale By Owner (FSBO)- 3 Tips

September 23, 2021

It's a hot real estate market so you're considering selling your home without a broker. Here's what you need to know about For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

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The Amazing Tax Benefit of Home Ownership- What is it and how does it work? (Personal Residence Exclusion)

August 4, 2021

Your home has one of the most far-reaching tax benefits in the entire Internal Revenue Code.

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How to Create a Sinking Fund to Better Manage Your Home & Save Money

July 27, 2021

Understanding one's costs is vital to being a responsible homeowner. Once you calculate your costs, a Sinking Fund eliminates all stress from issues that arise with your home.

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5 Tips For Buying a Condo – with an HOA – Post Surfside Condo Collapse

July 19, 2021

There is nothing wrong with owning a condominium - in fact there are many amazing benefits! - below are 5 tips to improve your condo experience, whether you are looking to buy one today or have lived in your unit for years.

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The Difference Between Maintenance and Repair

June 28, 2021

Everyone knows the terms maintenance and repair, but what really is the difference and how does it affect your home?

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