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Welcome to Modern Homeownership

We help homeowners build and preserve wealth in their homes.

Homeownership is an endless stream of paperwork that never seems to stop growing.

With physical documents, you always have to sort through a big pile of mixed, cluttered, and sometimes damaged documents.

In today’s day and age paper getting lost in the depths of drawers shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

Our technology is designed to help make your life easier – leaving aside the unnecessary complexities.

Bringing homeownership into the 21st century with secure and easy-to-use technology

Build wealth

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How it started

Kabinet’s Founder On How It Began

I was always organized, but my home records and spending were stuck in a paper folder that was never opened.

I developed Kabinet to eliminate the need for paper records and simplify my life. From a small repair to a major renovation to mortgage paperwork, my deed, and everything in between – I can access it all.

Every time I open my personal Kabinet to look at a file or make an upload I am still impressed with how organized and accessible everything is.

Whether you own 1 home or 1,000, being able to access anything for your home at a moment’s notice is invaluable in saving you both time and money.

 Daniel Weberman Esq., Founder & CEO of Kabinet

Learn How To Use Kabinet

Check out our Learn page to get tips and tricks on how to make the most of your Kabinet.

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