A solution created to bring homeownership
into the 21st century.

The problems


Homeowners need a way to quickly and easily manage their homes with full access to their information at any time.


Home sales are lumped into “pretty homes” or “ugly homes” but we all know this is an oversimplification – what about the quality?

With Kabinet, YOU have the ability to change this today.
Document your home ownership journey and benefit immediately.

Kabinet’s 3 major benefits


Update & maintain home records.

Update, maintain and easily access your important home records at all times.

Prove the value of your home.

No two renovations, home upgrades, or projects are the same. Did you use the best plumbing company? Prove it! Did you spend money on custom cabinets? Prove it! Did you hire a major contractor to install your pool—not just a fly-by night installer? Ok, but where’s the proof?



Get to know home professionals.

Foster meaningful connections with home professionals. Know who to hire for your home projects. Save time and money by working with professionals who become familiar with your home and needs over time. No more scrambling for who to call or who did what.

We empower homeowners

We bring homeownership into the 21st century with intuitive, secure, and easy-to-use technology. We build solutions for real people in the real world. Kabinet’s technology is designed to help make your life easier—leaving aside the unnecessary complexities.

Whether you recently became a homeowner or still live in your childhood home, Kabinet will help you manage life’s most important investment.

Kabinet Inc
19340 SW 186th St.
Miami, FL 33187
Kabinet Inc is incorporated in the state of Delaware
Tel. 1 (516) 935-4140
Email. Corporate@KabinetHome.com

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