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So much more than file storage!

Now you can replace your home folder or fireproof box of papers with something that will always be there. 

Whether you want to document your entire home remodel, look up mortgage papers from 10 years ago, remember the name of the plumber you last used, or anything in between, your Kabinet is there for you.

Store documents, track costs & hold everyone accountable – even your insurance company!

Closing Documents

Mortgage Papers

Major Renovations

Minor Repairs

We keep your documents secure with bank level encryption

Kabinet is fully encrypted just like your online bank account

Your account and the uploads therein are fully encrypted, giving you peace of mind that your home records are secure. Everything you upload is completely private and inaccessible to the Kabinet team (as it should be!). Only you can see what is inside your Kabinet.

Why make uploads
into your Kabinet?

Be safe – Know exactly where your documents are

No matter what life throws your way, know that your documents will always be safe and accessible to you. In the event of a natural disaster, house fire or simply forgetfulness(!) you will always be able to pull up those important records.

Be secure – Upload into your fully encrypted portal 

Your Kabinet is fully private with bank level encryption. No one can see your account or uploads unless you choose to show them, such as a home professional or realtor. Security is paramount at Kabinet, as it should be. 

Be organized – Find documents whenever you need them

Your Kabinet uploads are immediately organized into a Room, such as Primary Bedroom or Family Bathroom, and a Category such as Electric or Plumbing. Use the Smart Search Bar to locate these any time and find them at a moment’s notice. 

Making uploads is simple!

Upload documents from your phone, tablet or computer – it’s all connected!

No more losing paper receipts or misplacing documents when you need them most. With Kabinet you can finally organize your records and have them available at your fingertips, whenever and wherever you may be.

1. Select “Upload Document’ in your Kabinet portal. 

2. Choose to take a photo or upload a video or file. 

3. Make your pairings, add your notes and you’re done!

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