Advice, Deals, Record Keeping & Peace of Mind

Thrive as a confident homeowner with our expert advice, home & lifestyle deals, secure storage and recommended professionals in your pocket.

Advice, Deals, Record Keeping & Peace of Mind

Be a confident homeowner with Kabinet. With expert advice, home and lifestyle deals, recommended professionals & somewhere safe to store your paperwork.

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Average annual home spending

Insurance claims due to natural disasters

Peace of mind with Kabinet

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Close The Front Door
ENTER Kabinet

Thrive as a homeowner with Kabinet tools and expertise.

Home Decisions
Guided By Experts

Our team of experts will answer your home questions – from HOAs, insurance, renovations, property tax, refinances to where you left your half-full coffee! (well, maybe not the coffee!)

We Don’t Sell Your Data or Access
Your Uploads

  • AES 256 Bit encryption on every upload
  • Only you have the key to your data

Encrypt Your Documents &
Track Your Costs

Lock up your documents and be the only key-holder! Secure Document Storage allows you to have your home on your phone.  Open the Kabinet app and you’re prepared for everything.

The Best Home Deals Just For You

We scour the internet to find you discounts on top-of-the-line products.

Take Ownership of Your Home

Kabinet is fully encrypted, using 256 Bit AES Encryption. Just like your online bank account. Everything you upload is private and inaccessible to Kabinet team. We only have access to your name and address which is already in the public domain.

Kabinet offers file storage, automatic cost tracking, preset folders and your home professionals all in one tidy little app.  Managing your home is as easy as ordering take-out!

Not at all! Your account is for your eyes only; it is a profile of your homeownership that you create and have full control of.

The quality of your home matters. By having all of your home records, you can showcase this at the time of sale.

How are people using Kabinet?

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