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Make The Most Out of Your Kabinet

Kabinet makes your life easier by keeping all the important records related to your home in one place, helps you stay on top of the budget, and live stress-free knowing your documents are always safe.

Access these records anywhere you go, in the palm of your hand.

Goodbye to Paperwork

Digital organization to access your home at any time.


Save Time, Energy, and Effort

Never search your email inbox or paper records again.

No More Spreadsheets

Tracking your home spending has never been easier!


Your Kabinet has 6 folders to organize you:



Important Records








Important Records


Uploads are paired with an appropriate Room & Category then subcategorized as a Project, Repair, or Important Record. If your upload does not fit you can use the Uncategorized folder which does not require pairings.

The Important Records folder also can be used as a standalone. Most uploads should be paired as a Room & Category, but explore Kabinet and make the system work for you.

Storing everything this way has more than one advantage:

  • You can save money by keeping up with preventive maintenance,
  • Be fully covered and reimbursed in case some of your assets get damaged,
  • Easily access the contacts of previous contractors that you hired.

What to Upload

Putting these 5 documents in your Important Records folder will get your Kabinet off to the best start. 

  • Signed purchase contract
  • Home inspection report
  • Original mortgage statement (with rate)
  • Copy of home deed
  • Current homeowners insurance policy

Tip: Start off with these 5 major uploads first. Save the uploads that require Room and Category pairings for later.

Once you make your first 5 uploads, track your home spending by adding these to your Kabinet:

  • Annual property tax statement
  • Repair bills (like your Air conditioning maintenance)
  • Major renovations or maintenance work
  • HOA statements

Best Practices

  • Upload documents and invoices as soon as you receive them
  • Pair your uploads with the correct classifications so they are easy to find
  • Use the Smart Search Bar to quickly locate what you need
  • Share specific uploads with your accountant, financial advisor, or insurance company to make your life easier
  • Download the Kabinet app to access everything whenever and wherever you need it

Tip: Use the Kabinet app on the go but don’t forget about our web app too if you’re on the computer!

3 Major Benefits

In Control

Build wealth in your home. Track capital improvements, and all other work you do through the years.


Know where all of your documents are. Papers, names, invoices – it’s all there!


One secure location for everything.

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