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How is Kabinet different from keeping paper records?

Great question. While most homeowners keep a paper folder with records from their move-in day, this folder is never re-visited until it’s time to sell or even disappears years before that moment. With Kabinet, you create a secure, interactive, and ever evolving profile for your home – so nothing ever gets lost!

I’m not planning on selling my home—can Kabinet still help me?

At a minimum, homeowners need to keep their important home purchase records in a physical folder. However, we found that most users did not keep records beyond this point, causing issues and complications in the future. 

Kabinet is a straightforward and secure way to keep your records on hand and up to date.

With Kabinet’s smart search bar, you can easily find your uploads when you need them. You will know what improvements have been made to your home and can share them with your home professionals. By having a record of who has worked on your home you will be able to return to them, leading to better relationships and pricing. 

How can Kabinet add value to my home’s sale? 

Homes in modern times fall into two (very broad) categories: “pretty” homes and “ugly” homes. However, the fact that a home may look appealing on the surface is in no way related to the quality of craftsmanship and construction. By creating a Kabinet for your home, you can differentiate your property by proving the superior quality when it’s time to sell.

Is there a free trial?

Yes! Anyone can sign up today for a No Obligation Trial with no time limit before deciding to upgrade. Your trial profile with two uploads of storage is your own to keep for as long as you wish.

We are certain you will see the value in a Kabinet and the benefits of upgrading to The Full Kabinet Experience.

What is a “Private Property Profile”?

Most of us have an online profile these days—but our homes seem to be stuck in the 1800s. We are changing this with Kabinet’s Private Property Profile (PPP). As the name suggests, a PPP can be broken down into three distinct areas, each of which provides an essential aspect to home ownership today.

Private: Your Kabinet is fully private with bank level encryption. No one can see your Profile unless you choose to show them, such as a realtor or home professional. Security is paramount at Kabinet, as it should be.

Property: Your PPP is your property’s secure profile. An account made exclusively for your home, where you store important documents, updates, and information.

Profile: Everyone has heard of a “profile”; we have extended this concept to your home. Here, you can store your home information quickly, easily and securely.

Together, these 3 Ps form the cornerstone of Kabinet – a Private Property Profile. 

Is Kabinet like an online home inspection?

Not at all! Your Private Property Profile is for your eyes only; it is a profile of your homeownership that you create and have full control of.

I don’t own a home; can I still use Kabinet?

Unfortunately, we do not offer a platform for non-homeowner users but, stay tuned!

I’m a Kabinet user, who do I contact for customer support?

Please email us directly at so we can address any questions you might have!

I’m a businessperson, who do I contact to discuss opportunities with Kabinet (partnerships, advertising or business development)?

Please email us directly at—we would love to hear from you! 

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