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Get paid for inviting people to Kabinet

How it works

Invite and Earn

Earn 25% Commission On New Users As a Kabinet Affiliate

1. Apply

Sign up for the Affiliate Program and get your unique referral code.

2. Share

Share your code wherever you’d like. You know your audience best so it is completely up to you how you share Kabinet!

3. Earn

You’ll get 25% of sales for each new Kabinet user who signs up for a paid account using your code.

Bonus: Refer an Affiliate

Know someone who would be a great fit? Refer them as an Affiliate and receive 10% on all of their Kabinet sales too!

Ready to Start?

Get in touch below to get set up as a Kabinet Affiliate and earn every time someone joins using your code.

What is the Kabinet Affiliate Program?

Upon signing up to our affiliate program you’ll be given a unique tracking code that will allow you to earn 25% commissions for each new user that signs up through you.

How should I use my code?

Refer Kabinet to your family, friends, fans, followers, and anyone you think needs a better way to manage their home. Just don’t share your code on sites containing adult or illegal content or use fraudulent tactics in an attempt to bypass our payout structure.

When and how do I get paid?

Payments are made monthly via bank transfer or Paypal. Payments will only be made for users who create a paid account, either upgrading from Kabinet Essential (Free Account) or a paid account at initial sign-up.

How can I see my referrals and payouts?

We will email you a monthly statement with a tally of your total sign-ups (Essential, Premium, and Investor) along with a commission schedule.

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