Earn 25% Commission On New Customers As
a Kabinet Affiliate

It’s really that simple!

The premise of Kabinet is simple
Kabinet is the essential app for homeowners!

Kabinet is an encrypted, cloud-based platform for homeowners to store their important
home documents; keep track of repairs and renovations; and calculate spending for their
home. You can access your uploads at a moment’s notice, anytime and anywhere.

How it works

As a Kabinet Affiliate, You’ll Earn 25% Commissions for each new user who signs up


Use your Affiliate Referral
Link to promote Kabinet


Get Paid Each Time A
New User Signs Up



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Share your code

Share your unique referral code on your website, social media profile and posts – wherever you’d like. You know your audience best so it is completely up to you how you share Kabinet!


Users sign up for Kabinet

When new users make a purchase through your unique link, you’ll be credited a 25% commission of the sale.


Receive your Affiliate referral (Get Paid)

You will receive 25% on sales for each new Kabinet user who signs up for a paid account using your unique affiliate code!


Refer an Affiliate

Know someone who would make a great Kabinet affiliate? Refer them as a Kabinet affiliate and receive 10% on all their Kabinet sales too!

It really is that simple.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Kabinet Affiliate Program?

Upon signing up to our affiliate program you’ll be given a unique tracking code that will allow you to earn 25% commissions for each new user that signs up through you.

How should I use my code?

You know your audience best so it is completely up to you how you share Kabinet!

When and how do I get paid?

Payments are made monthly via bank transfer or Paypal. Payments will only be made for users who create an annually billed account, either upgrading from a free trial or a paid account at initial sign up.

How can I see my referrals and payouts?

We will email you a monthly statement with a tally of your total sign ups (both free trial and paid) along with a commission schedule. Get in touch with Katie@Kabinet.com to discuss becoming a Kabinet Affiliate today!

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